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02 June 2014 @ 05:19 pm
[Rant] OMG! Authors these days are SOOOOO SENSITIVE!!! Is this because of their age???  
Just found out some authors were ranting out because they got critics for their fics about some loophole in their story and how their characters talk.
I was like...OMG. Is this how authors nowadays?
They don't want to accept critics and only wants compliments and begging for posting more chapters?
Then why don't they give PS or footnote in every chapters that they ONLY want COMPLIMENTS in the readers comment section?

Hhhh is this happen because fanfic authors these days are just some sensitive teen?

I dunnow...back then authors were happy when they get questions from the readers. They read our questions regarding the reader confusions about the story. Then if there's some loophole or even a mistake, they gladly accepted and edit the story...but now?? They whine and then threatening to closed the comment sections and won't update the story in a while until their feeling get better...

Kakakakak...I dunnow whether I want to cringe or laughing out loud for it....

Hhhhh....such a teenage girls.... XDDDDD
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