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24 June 2013 @ 01:02 pm
I can only say this....

I reply what and which fic I want to reply!

There are other better writers out there that freeing their readers to read and not giving their readers restriction on how to read their works. Really, you should even thanks the readers that they want to spend their time to read your works while actually there are better things to do. Don't make it so complicated for the readers.

I was so appalled by your arrogance to your readers.
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trieze0713trieze0713 on June 24th, 2013 07:12 am (UTC)
Errr, take it easy bb :)
But I'm quite frustrated with this 'request' thing that I send you a message before... I thought I've done it right but still got nothing in my mail T____T
Anyway, did you get it? :D
:.*Mizz Dee*.:crystaldee on June 24th, 2013 12:39 pm (UTC)
Kakakkaka...yeah. There's this new writer that makes me cringe.

Havent been there yet. Dunnow whether its open or not. Maybe shes still busy? Hehehhehehe hum...so the request thread already opened? Im going there now. ^___^