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05 November 2012 @ 12:18 pm
How I Felt About JJ FanMeeting in Jakarta  
First of all I just want to say that if anyone flaming me about how I not love JJ enough to "forgive" him, you may as well stop clicking the reply button then left my post alone. What I want to write in here is a perspective from a logic fan that still value her money and want to get what she deserve for spending the money.

Hum...what I want to say is I start to fell in love with Jae back in early 2006. I saw his performance in 2005 MNet Awards. When DBSG performing H.O.T song. Because H.O.T is my all time fave boyband back then. Then the more I hear his voice, the more I fell in love with him. He has a clear and smooth voice that I like to lullaby me into a nice sleep. And then the more I watched him he really strongly pin his name in my heart. I love his voice, his dorkiness, his performance, his look, his happiness, his sadness, his anger, his everything, well, basically his well being as a human. I felt sad when DBSG was broken, but I thought o well, as long as I still can hear his voice, I don't care which group he stands in, I will follow him everywhere. All my friend know about my love and craziness for Jae. ^__^

Then imagine how happy I was when I heard that he'll visit Jakarta to held a fan meeting. I thought OMG! This is the perfect moment to hear his loving voice directly to my ears. Diligently I follow RajaKarcis (RK) to get the ticket for the FM. And kinda disappointed when RajaKarcis just underestimating the quota of the netizen who wants to buy JJ's FM ticket. I always get fully book page everytime I want to buy the ticket. Then when I ask them when it will be open again, they just ignored me. So I E-Mailed SH Ent about the ticket selling, and thankfully they replied to me asap . That the ticket selling will re-opened on Sunday because RK have to re-count the ticket quota. I was so happy for that and angry with RK that they didn't even announce it in twitter ASAP. 

So in Sunday I skip everything just to be ready to buy JJ's ticket in RK. Thankfully they were on time in re-opening the ticket selling and VOILA! I got the 2 elephant tickets! Oooh...Back when I decided to bought the elephant ticket I imagine I can hear JJ as close as possible. So I bravely spent almost 85% of my monthly payment for that.

Time goes on and on up until the 1st nov night. I got news from my friend that JJ being sick and whole deleting his tweet situation  because another hacking...then I was like...Arggghhhh why nowwwwww.....how do I get to see his dorkiness and lame tweet in the future....T__T
And at first I thought maybe it's just a flu and all....and it won't change nothing drastically because I saw JJ got flu in a few occasion and he still can be happy and talk and sing. So I think nothing. But then on the 3rd Nov afternoon, my friend told me that JJ skip his presscon because he really loss his voice and can't talk at all. From there, all my positive thought flew right out of me! OMG!! How the hell can I hear his voice and song when he even can't use his voice at all. T___T 

And by the time the show is starting and JJ really not speaking at all....that's where my happiness down the drain. Now don't take me wrongly. I'm happy...really f*cking happy to see him face to face. He's handsome and all, but the 1 thing that make me fall in love with him I can't hear at all.......

And this is what my not so happy thought begin. If I still can see the flaming reply, then it means you didn't read my post, all you just want to read are the bad words only and not my logical thinking. 

You see, I work 9 to 5 and get my monthly paycheck for not so big amount. I got only 2 mill IDR/month. And the Elephant ticket for the FM is 1,7 mill IDR. And that only leave me 300 thousand IDR for the whole month to spend. And for me to get the same treatment for the people who bought less price for the ticket like Dolphin class which is only 300 thousand IDR got me SOOOO MAD!!!! We have the same position with the less/cheapest ticket price position. And the only merchandise we have is only a big poster and a small pouch of candy and even then not ALL the Elephant ticket buyers got the poster. I was "lucky" enough to get the poster. My other friend who has Elephant ticket didn't get the poster at all with the reason that the poster is out of order. WTH? They should've printed the poster with the SAME QUOTA or even more as the ticketing which they sold so everyone can have them!!! 

I was really really disappointed with the FM. Hey, I pay the highest price for the ticket and I'm entitled to special treatment from the cheaper one.

The seating plan is a disaster! All ELEPHANT ticket buyers seating plan from row A to...I dunnow maybe more than 10 rows are all in the same height. And the stage is not high enough to accommodate our sight. The people who are tall enough can get good view, but what about the shorter one? We have to look at the back of their head only. And have to always look for the big screen to see JJ's face. The seating plan should've been arranged like a movie theater. Higher than the front each rows. So there won't be any hindrance. But NOOOOO....it have to be the same height. Damn it. Lucky me I got the middle seat and the 5th row from the stage, but even then my sight is disturbed with the tall head from the front rows. So I have to change position a lot to look straight to the stage. Arrgghhhh.....

And yes, there's a slight disturbance too about the seating plan. Because the ticket is not sold out, there are quite few empty seats in the front row, be it in Elephant Class or Kitty Class, so there was a commotion where the audience from the back rows are running to the front to sit on the empty space. A few people got angry and screaming for them to get back to their original seat. A few were running back to their original seat, but a lot were keep still. So yeah. Another disadvantage for the Elephant ticket buyers. Damn it. 

And now about JJ himself.

I still think JJ is so professional and love his fans so much that he endured his sickness and ask for a picture session and hi5 session himself to compensate his lack of  "service". And I still love him and all and it won't reduce my love for him. But I still kinda disappointed at him. In my thought, he should've taking care of his health more carefully. He knew he had a schedule for a Fan Meeting in other country in a specific date. He should take care of himself and should realize his stamina. If he's tired, get some rest. If the fatigue from back when he shoot Jackal and Jin, going to Busan for the Festival, PressCon for the Jackal, shooting a Music Video in HK, the NII Fan Meeting, etc are already more than he could bear, he should take his time off in between and get some rest. I know that in Korea is in winter season and he should take any precaution to avoid sickness. Wear warm clothes, eating well, etc. I know it's not written in the contract, but he has to be healthy when the Fan Meeting is held. He held a commercially Fan Meeting meaning he has to sell what he can sell. And that is his being including his voice and his performance. And that Saturday he only sold half of his "service". I know I'm being cruel and all, but this is reality. 

Now put your shoe in other example and not JaeJoong. You bought an expensive service. But you didn't get half of the service you deserve with the money you spent. Would you just forgive and forget? I don't think so. You would've been complaining to the company and maybe you even want to get a half refund. And me, I'm a person who still value to where my money went. And is this Fan Meeting worth my money? No. 

For all of you who already working your a*s out and spend your monthly paycheck for the ticket especially for the Elephant ticket, think carefully. Whether you like it or not, deep down inside I know you're all disappointed with JaeJoong's Fan Meeting. But if you're still not disappointed, I can safely say that wow...you're really a fanatic fan. Unfortunately, I'm not that one.  

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(Anonymous) on November 5th, 2012 07:44 am (UTC)
Wow, you think you can avoid getting sick just by taking precautions?! I wish I lived in the magical land where that was true -_-;;
:.*Mizz Dee*.:crystaldee on November 5th, 2012 04:08 pm (UTC)

Yes. You can take precaution from sickness.
I'm sorry if you're not living in the world that I live where we CAN take precaution from sickness such as flu and sore throat.

A coward reply is just stupid.

Show your id when you want to reply people. You're just a delusional fan. And I feel sorry for you.

Edited at 2012-11-05 04:18 pm (UTC)
trieze0713trieze0713 on November 5th, 2012 10:14 am (UTC)
Oh wow, I'm sorry to hear what you've been through Dee :( I could understand well about how you felt though. Cause my cousin got a free ticket from her friend, she wasn't even a fan of JJ and came just for fun, but knowing that she got to high five with JJ twice meaning that she got the same treatment as those who pay a lot like you, and that disappointed me as well even though I'm not a fan T___T

Even so, she told me: He should've postponed the event if he couldn't even say 'Thanks' with his voice. Worse, not saying a damn word at all throughout the event. Coming in that condition is not being professional, that's just wasting people's money.

Well, I hope that you'll get a better chance in the future to see him again. And hopefully, it'll be something worth your paycheck and sacrifices *hugs*
:.*Mizz Dee*.:crystaldee on November 5th, 2012 04:24 pm (UTC)
I know, right. It's just not fair at all.
Yeah of course I'll still be going if he held another fm. Kekekekkek....
He's me beloved person. And I still haven't heard his voice at all. Hehehehehehhe....